Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Needlework Tuesday - Starting Fresh/Starting a New Project

 It's spring and time to freshen up my home and life in general.  Okay, I don't really get to keep the quilt, though it certainly looks lovely in my son's room with it's blue walls.  The quilt is now packed back in it's box and ready to return to my friend.

This is the fleece that I couldn't find the other week.  It was sort of hiding away in the spare bedroom.  It's a lovely piece of fleece  So soft and looks the same on both sides.    Before I start attaching the t-shirts, I want to cut a scalloped edge.  Then I will work on fast forward to get it done and off to the recipient. 
 Along with a new project for spring, I am also pulling one from the bottom of the closet.  This one has been sitting half way complete  for the past two years.  eeks, yes, it has been that long.  It is so soft and cuddly that it really needs to be finished.  The needles are size 8mm which means the rows add up quickly.  This is a secret project, so photos will be limited.
 I've been thinking about how Kate and Marie, (both frequently link up to Needlework Tuesday), finish so many knitting projects.  I realized, that they both have more than one project on needles as a given time.  I've stated a few times over the years that I want to knit a bunch of pairs of slippers for either a basket by my front door or to give to my family and friends.  Usually I would finish a pair and then months would pass before I started the next pair.  I have a new plan.  When I finish one pair, I would immediately cast on the next pair of slippers, even if I didn't think I would be able to start knitting right away.    After finishing the knitting of the variegated/green slippers, I cast on the black and white slippers.  I have yet to bury the ends of the previous pair, but at this point, I am good with that.    I think this approach has a good chance of success.

 Finally, a pet peeve.  QUILT SHOPS, STOP RIPPING FABRIC.  Yes, I am yelling.  I hate ripped fabric.  The edges get stretched and the threads get turned.  All those white lines are turned threads.   This is the worst piece ever, the threads are turned up to one and a half inches from the edge of the fabric.  I can't use that in my projects.  What a waste.  Now I don't have enough fabric for my cutting plans. 

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

How is your spring going?  Any plans for new projects or are you a gardening fan and are you paging through the plant books?

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Marie said...

Gorgeous quilt! Too bad it's not staying.

I hope we get to see your t-shirt quilt and secret project soon. Keep up the good work.

It helps to have multiple sets of needles (even of the same size) on which to knit. I can't tell you how many of my patterns call for 4mm needles.

I, also, find that leaving my knitting (all of my started projects) right beside my TV watching chair helps, too. I swear it stares at me and whispers "Pick me up. I'm not going to knit myself." I also leave my newest purchases there, too, so I can get inspired. I know that not everyone can do that (it's quite messy), but it does help.

With no job or kids to distract me, means I have more knitting time.

Kate said...

Sorry, I don't agree about the tearing of fabric. I have gotten pieces of fabric, cut with a rotary cutter, that are 3 " off grain when I get them home. Since the stores that use a rotary cutter practically never check to see if the fabric has been folded onto the bolt, on grain, I don't remember how often I have had this happen. If I notice before they cut, I insist that they tear it.

I have two more tips for getting more knitting done. The first is to sew everything that needs to be sewn, while you have your yarn needle out. So, if you are drawing a thread through the stitches at the top, sew up the side seam, and weave in the ends. Then you never have to touch it again. The other is to carry knitting with you, to meetings, appointments, any where you might have to wait. Even one or two rows progresses your project.
I also have multiple sets of needles in the sizes I use all the time. i think I have 5 sets of sock needles.