Saturday, 11 March 2017

The Tourist by Robert Dickinson

huh, I read every word of this book and am still left confused as to what happened.

In a future, time travel is not only possible but a popular means of tourism.  Spens is a travel rep in the 21 century when one of his clients from the future goes missing.  Instead of reporting it to security, his boss sends him to find the missing woman, starting him on a spiral of misadventure and intrigue.

A great concept for a story, unfortunately  it was lost in the execution.  Author Robert Dickinson  may have  devised a terrific plot and story but he kept too many details to himself.  While he did dole out a few pointers here and there, the balance are still a mystery to me, the reader.  I can't enjoy what is supposed to be a leisure read when I am struggling to understand what is happening.

Not recommended.

I received an advanced readers copy from RedHook Books in exchange for an honest review.

Cover image courtesy Hachette Book Group.


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Michelle said...

I was confused by this one, too. Reading it seemed like too much work, just trying to figure out from context clues what was going on in their society and culture.