Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Needlework Tuesday - Fingers in so many pots

 Did you have to search deep to find that lingering UFO, or was it on the top of your TO DO pile staring right at you.  Perhaps you decided that you don't want to work on it any longer and have re-allocated the supplies or passed it along to another for completion.  Either way, doesn't it feel good to have faced it and made a decision.
Now that I am determined to get this blue jean quilt done, I have made great progress.  on the left are the circles with fabric sewn on.  The centre back shows more denim circles I cut for the main body.  Then I realized that hubby is a tall guy who likes long blankets, so I have to cut more.  That pile in the lower right is the start of additional rows that I'll add top and bottom to the quilt.  I'm not sure how big to make it, but fortunately, this is a pattern that you can keep adding to even after you think you are finished.

 I had wanted to make this entire project with re-use fabrics, ie: old jeans and shirts past their prime, but the lack of shirts were slowing my down, still.  A quick trip to the fabric store brought these two stripe fabrics into the mix.  They will fit in beautifully with what I already have.

If I work at this one diligently, I can get it finished in time to display at my quilt guild's show in mid May.  That got me thinking about what other quilts I could enter in the show,  How about the two that are sitting waiting for binding.

 While I was shopping for the stripe fabrics, I found these two that would work well for the bindings.  Looks like I might get a few UFOs out of the way.  Small happy dance happening.

All this progress gave me the urge to get on with the t-shirt quilt that has been languishing.  I didn't want to have a boring straight edge on the fleece. I feel that a scallop or is it a meander, would be a lot more fun.  That is now cut and I am doing a long running stitch , sort of like a border, before I start adding the shirts.  My stitching isn't all that even, but then again, this is  a comfort quilt, not rocket science.  Honestly, I did keep saying that to myself while I was cutting and stitching. It really is funny when you consider that my hubby really does do rocket science.

To round out the week, knitting.  I am in the final stages of the secret afghan.  I had to unroll and measure my remaining yarn to see if there is enough for another pattern repeat before knitting the end band.  Alas, 123 yards of yarn are remaining and I need 150 for a repeat and end band.  So end band it is.  As it is, this afghan is huge when it's sitting on my lap and I'm knitting.  It does take quite a bit of effort to keep turning and twisting it around as I work.  Thank goodness it is so soft and cushy.

I look forward to hearing about your projects this week.  Comments and links to your posts are aways welcome.

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