Sunday, 28 May 2017

A Whole Latte Fuss

 Last weekend, hubby and I visited our favourite local coffee shop, Rumbletum Cafe, and I tried a London Fog with none dairy milk.  It was a fun change from coffee beverages.  When I was in the grocery store, I saw this package of London Fog latte mix that I could make at home.  It was even on the clearance rack, so I purchased it.  I was kind of in a rush and didn't notice that it was for a Keurig machine. 

I thought about giving the package away to someone who has a Keurig machine, but couldn't think of anyone with one.  We are a Tassimo family. 

 I next figured, that I could open the pod and put the tea leaves and what ever else in a tea strainer and make it with hot water.  Seemed simple enough.  While boiling the water, I got out a tea strainer and a mug.  Cut open the pod and poured the contents into the strainer.

 Well imagine my surprise when I found there are no tea leaves.  It's made with instant tea.  Why even bother putting it in a pod when it can be packaged in an envelope like hot chocolate mix.  All that expense of the Keurig machine, the non-recyclable pods, a foil lining bag and an over sized box. Of course that more than doubles the price of what would be charged for hot chocolate style packaging.

Fortunately, the London Fog Latte was enjoyable, but I won't be making that mistake on packaging again.

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Mae Travels said...

Good job revealing what's in those pods. I wonder about some of the others, though I think the coffee is real. For my own home, I use a French press with coffee that I grind from beans just before putting it in the pot. But that's a lot of trouble for many people.

best... mae at

Beth F said...

ARGHHHHH. But also kind of funny!