Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Fairest of All - Whatever After Book 1 by Sarah Mlynowski

 Abby is not happy about moving and she is certainly not happy about having to change schools.  When her brother's night time prowling around the house wakes her up, she is mad, mad enough to get out of bed and find him.

When she does, he's in front of an old mirror that was left in their basement by the previous owners.  They are about to find out that by knocking on the mirror three times they will be launched into a fantastic adventure.

The Whatever After series is a wonderful middle grade set that will entertain boys and girls alike.  For children who are familiar with the classic fairy tales, they will have fun trying to figure out how Abby and Jonah can help the characters get their tales back on track.

Parent note, this is suitable for younger children who are reading at a higher level.

I enjoyed listening to the audio book as read by Emily Eiden.  Unabridged edition 3 hours 20 minutes.

At present there are ten books in this series by Canadian author Sarah Mlynowski.  She is also the author of the Upside Down Magic series.

Cover image courtesy Scholastic Books Canada

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Melwyk said...

So glad you reviewed this! Not only does it sound like a cute read, but I had no idea Sarah Mlynowski was Canadian -- thanks for letting me know :)