Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Notorious Pleasures by Elizabeth Hoyt

Every now and then I need to read a romance. It's popcorn for my romantic soul.  When I started reading romances I learned a lot about relationships.  Most importantly, I learned that  communication is vital to sustaining any relationship.  Now I continue to read them, especially Regency romances because I enjoy them.

Lady Hero Batten has agreed to marry the Marquis of Mandeville as befits her rank and family status.  It's obvious she does not love him, but she didn't expect to love the man her family arranged for her to wed.  Then she meets his brother, Lord Reading and her life is thrown into turmoil.  He is a loathsome rake who reputation far precedes him.

Do I really need to tell you any more plot, no I thought not.  This is an enjoyable romance with the requisite amount of angst, secrets and sudden loves of the heart.  Just what I wanted when I picked it up. There are some descriptions of gowns and balls, but they are mere background, the real story is that of Hero and Griffin, Lord Reading.  I enjoyed the play of one against the other while they developed and then sorted out their feelings for one another.

This is the second of twelve  books in the Maiden Lane series which is set in 1737 London, England. 

Author Elizabeth Hoyt also writes modern romances under the pen name Julia Harper.

Cover image courtesy Hachette Book Group.


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