Monday, 26 February 2018

Stitch`n Time - I finally used my sewing machine again.

 Oh gosh, it has been so long since I sat down to sew at my machine.  I just haven't been in the groove. Undoubtedly it has to do with not wanting to start anything new while I have so many unfinished projects.  To the creative person inside, that is like having only leftovers to eat day after day.

Tonight is my local quilt guild meeting and we have been asked to bring in heart pillows.  They are to be donated to the hospital for patients who have undergone open heart surgery.  After such a procedure, the chest is very delicate (with the sternum being cut open and spread). The patient holds the pillow to their chest before they cough/sneeze etc.

One lady from our guild has arranged with the hospital and they have given us specific details of what is needed.  An anonymous person has donated funds to purchase a large amount of stuffing. Now it is up to our members to make and stuff the pillows.  I have made three like the one shown and will take them to guild tonight for stuffing and stitching closed.

It may not be a glamorous project, but it is incredibly helpful to those who need these pillows and it did force me to my machine for something other than mending.

 I was at Lens Mills last week and found these rhinestone buckles that are the perfect addition to my new red necklace.  Perfect addition for a minimal price.  Never know what I will find in that store.  They also had two colours of #5 perle cotton that I need for another necklace pattern.   This one was stitched in #10 cotton, kinda thin.
Again, working in #10, this cord for the next necklace is getting close to long enough.  I need at least a metre and am close.  I found a nice flat knot that I think will look great.  Might need some hanging beads for the bottom, but won't know until it's tied.  This is rather fun to do and if I don't like any at the end, I can always pass them along to another.

While I was wandering the net, I came across this amazing site.  For a real treat, you must check out the work by Finnish artist Liisa Hietanen.  She creates sculpture using knit and crochet techniques.  They are mind blowing and so life like.

Thanks for visiting with Stitch'n Time today.  Link up your current needlework visit and I'll be sure to drop by.

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