Monday, 5 February 2018

Stitch'n Time - Reasons to Stitch in a Timelty Manner

 I was reminded of an important lesson today, yarn colours are not available forever.  I started this project in about 2014.  I completed all the blocks at that time and thought I had enough left for the borders.  Oops.

I did the first two rounds in the green and had 1 metre left .  That was close.  I wanted to do seven rounds in the variegated yarn.  After three and a half rows I was out . A quick trip to the store should take care of that as I had checked that Red Heart was still making that colour.  Just because they make it doesn't mean the stores in my area actually stock and sell it.  Well, I learned they don't.  Okay, next option, purchase more of the blue.  Easier said than done.  There are lots of blues out there, but finding the exact one, nope.  I did manage to find one left over ball at a store, but it wasn't listed in their stock.  Lucky for me.
I have one and a half  balls of the blue to finish the final three rounds.  Should be ample (she says with her fingers crossed).

When I purchase fabric for a quilt, I always buy oodles extra. can't have too much fabric is my motto, but when it comes to yarn, I can only make a lame guess.  I do know that I never have enough when I purchase exactly when the pattern instructs.  One ball extra is usually enough, but not always.  One pattern I needed 3 more balls than stated, but my project ended up the correct size.  When I contacted the publisher with my findings, I was ignored.  Made the afghan a second time and knew to purchase lots extra.  Needed the same amount the second time.    Hopefully I have learned my lesson and will either purchase ample supplies, or I'll finish in a more timely manner in the event that I require additional skeins.

If you click on the first picture you should be able to view an enlarged photo and see the details of the solid blocks.  They are each different stitch patterns.  Those blocks are much more firm that the granny squares.  This is going to be a warm blanket which I am thinking will find a home in our camper.

I hope that you manged to find some Stitch'n Time this past week.  Mister Linky is waiting below for a link to your current needlework post.

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