Monday, 19 February 2018

Stitch'n Time: Something New, Crocheted Jewellery

Hubby and I took a little road trip last week for a few days.  At one of our stops, I spied this barn quilt on the side of a sporting goods store in Clare, Michigan..  I thought I might see more of them in the area, but that was the only one.  Turns out that there are over thirty blocks in the area  and there is a map available from the Clare County Arts Council if you are interested in following the route.

Back at home I've been working on a few projects.

I had most of this done last week and only the final ribbing to complete.  It is made with Cascade Sateen Worsted, which is soft to the touch. I definitely want to work with this yarn again. 

 The dress code at work changed recently and most of my clothing is now black.  How boring.  We are allowed to bright it up with scarves and of course we can wear jewellery.  Since I enjoy my stitching time, why not stitch some necklaces.  This was a very simple repeat pattern of double crochets.  I happened to have a very large ball of #10 red cotton with a silver thread.

I have yet to join the ends, but first I am deciding whether to add some sort of pendant.

Also in that random collection of cones of cotton, I have one of #10 pink and white.  The cord is made of a round of six front post double crochets.  The pattern is from an ancient pattern from Annie's Attic: Strings'n Strands.  I'm not making the necklace as shown, just using the instructions for the cord.  At this point, not sure how I'll complete this.  Three options I am considering: add a pendant, tie a chunky knot, at a crocheted flower and leaves.  Lots of options.

I haven't done much in a the area of jewellery making.  Over the years I have made a few barrettes. but not much else.  Once I started looking, there are quite a few patterns available for stitching necklaces of various types.  I could enjoy this for a while.

I'd be interested in viewing any of your posts of jewellery that  my viewers have made.

Stitch'n Time is a regular Monday post where I share my stitching projects.  Mister Linky is waiting below for you to join in the fun.

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