Monday, 26 March 2018

Stitch'n Time : Finding my Mojo

I don't know if it's a result of the gorgeous spring weather, or the fact that March break is over, but I feel more relaxed and ready to go.

This weekend, I was able to finish up three pillows.  The binding is all done and lose threads clipped.  Either my mojo is well found, or perhaps it was the looming deadline for the quilt show they are to be exhibited at.  Does it really matter; they are done.

The sunflower pillow was from a workshop I took with Jennifer Houlden.  I learned some new techniques.  She suggested quilting the background before adding the flower.  This would keep the piece from wrinkling due to the differing amounts of quilting  She also introduced me to free-motion zig-zag quilting.  I wasn't sure I wanted to try it at first, but then I remembered that the idea of a class is to try new things.  I'm glad I did as I rather like the results of this technique.  I used it to attach the flower to the pre-quilted background.  After the quilt show, this will return home to grace one of my sofas.
 Next up, are the deer and the fox from the Forest Friends  pattern by Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts .  These had been sitting for a while waiting for binding. Done.
 After the quilt show they will be going to my friend's son.
This knitting project has almost been addictive.  I have a hard time putting it down for long.  Each row I knit moves the pattern along that it practically grows before my eyes.

I am wondering whether I darn in the ends before I block, or do I block first then darn in the ends.

Stitch'n Time is a weekly Monday post where I share my current needlework projects.  You are welcome to add a linky to your current needlework post and I'll be sure to drop by for a virtual visit.

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