Monday, 5 March 2018

Stitch'n Time - Venturing in to Lace Knitting

I have a lot of stuff around my house.  I would love to be an organized person with regard to this stuff, but it's not happening.  One day while thinking about putting it all away in closets and cupboards, I realized, that out of sight out of mind, I would never get back to finishing those items.  Instead of finding a place to put them away to, why don't I finish them.  Great idea. Now when I open a bag or container to see what it's hiding, I form a plan to finish it.

 First up: I knew this one had a deadline and that it was sitting on the floor under my ironing board.  It's from a class I took with my mom and a friend early last year.  It was taught by quilter Jen Houlden.  She is a wonderful teacher and her class materials are detailed and most helpful.  The three of us accomplished quite a bit in the class, but didn't get finished.  We continued to work at them at home.  My got pushed to the side, but my persisted and finished hers.  She sent me a photo and said that she was going to show it at her local quilt show.  Of course, I jumped in and volunteered to finish mine, so it could also be in the show.  It would make a better presentation with two similar projects side by side.
Last week I started to get nervous that the show would soon be upon us.  I had to get stitching.  I liked that my friend made her piece into a pillow instead of a wall hanging, and decided to do the same.  Now my top is finished.  I need to purchase a zipper so that I can get it done.

 Jen has an interesting technique for the applique. It's a free motion zigzag.  Set your machine to a zigzag stitch, put on the free motion foot, lower the feed dogs and start stitching.  For best coverage, you move the piece back and forth along the applique edge until you have to coverage you want.  I used a variegated thread, the same I used to quilt the background.  At first I was going to go with my old standby of machine button hole stitch, but then I thought I had better try Jen's technique, since that is the reason to taking classes, to try something new.  I'm glad I did; I like the way it turned out.

Later that week, I came across the bag of wool for this project.  I'm going to the leave the pattern details a mystery until I get more accomplished.  My sister purchased this kit for me several years ago and it has sat in almost the same spot in my living room since I brought it home.  It's much to lovely to leave as skeins any longer.
By paying attention and lots of counting, I have only had to rip it out once.  Before I start the next pattern area, I will be sure to install a lifeline.  It's knit with two strands of lace weight wool held together.  The blue heart pin marks the centre of the pattern, which is a simple knit stitch with a yo to either side.

A while back I promised you a photo of the finished body builder afghan that I designed and knit for a friend of my son.  Well, they were thrilled with the results. I am hoping for a photo of the little guy with his blanket.  It was a lot of fun to create this piece, though I am in no hurry to make another like it.

Stitch'in Time is a regular Monday post where I share my current needlework projects with my readers.  I get so much encouragement from you all that it keeps my stitching even when I should be doing other things.  Mister Linky is waiting below for a link to your current needlework project.

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Kate said...

your weight lifter afghan came out great. It looks like a big blanket, congrats and getting it done.