Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Stitch'in Time - A Change of Day

Sorry to be missing from Stitch'in Time for the past few weeks.  After moving to Mondays, I soon realized that wasn't going to work.  The beginning of the week always seems to be so busy and it was almost impossible to get a post ready.  Going to try Wednesdays and hope it goes better.

 Even though I haven't been visiting with you, I have been stitching up a storm.  Other then casting off, I have finished the stitching on this project.  I bought some blocking wires and am ready to move forward.

First, I wanted some pictures of the pre-blocked shapes.  It is very modern sculptural looking.  I love the odd bumps and bulges.
 My youngest is holding it up on the needles, the green will be at the bottom, in a circular form.  If it were dipped in some acrylic medium, I'm sure I could drape it into a wonderful free form sculpture.  However, I'm not going to do that as I want to see how it turns out after the 'vigorous blocking' that the pattern recommends.

The first row has 3 stitches and final row around six hundred.  It took me over 15 minutes for those last few.

Hope to get to the blocks soon.

 Once I had finished the above project, my fingers were still wanting to knit.  In my inbox I found a pattern from Red Heart for a cute and simple knit bib.  It is pattern LW6062 . A similar pattern is available for those who crochet.

I made the first one in Red Heart Super just to test it out.  Worked beautiful.  Then I purchased one skein of Red Heart Super Saver Stripes.  So far it has made 4 bibs and there is easily enough for at least one more large.

The pattern has three sizes, S 0-3 mths, M 3-6 mths, L 6-12 months.

These will be donated to MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) to be included in the craft tent sale at the quilt auction in New Hamburg near the end of May.  My quilt guild usually makes items for donation.  I didn't feel like sewing and instead thought knitting would be a good option.

 Small - Medium - Large
I love the way the colours progress in this yarn.  Actual knitting order  to show the colour progression was the Small and Medium in the top row, then the yellow one and finally the Large in the top row.

Definitely will have to use this yarn again.

Stitch'in Time is a regular Wednesday post where I share my various needle work projects.

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Kate said...

Be sure to do your "vigorous blocking" slowly and gradually. Trying to stretch it too quickly, when it is wet, can cause broken yarn which is difficult to fix. I look forward to the finish.

Sherrie said...

Hi Heather,
Love all the colorful bibs. Can't wait to see the "bulgy" piece. Still haven't figured out what it is. Have a great day!