Friday, 25 May 2018

Aru Shah and the End of Time by Roshani Chokshi

Wonderful story of adventure and exploration.  Readers will travel  with Aru and Mini as they try to save the world from the destruction that the Sleeper seeks.  Along the way they will encounter an assortment of Indian deities, visit mythological destinations and learn about the power of friendship.

Aru was tired of being the social outcast at her exclusive school.  When three of her classmates visit the museum where she lives, they catch her up in a lie.  Not wanting this to be spread around school, she accepts a dare to light the cursed Lamp of Bharata.  Oops, that was the one thing her mother told her she must never do.  She has now unleashed a deadly force into the worlds.

I enjoyed following Aru and Mini on their adventure.  Boo made for an interesting, though reluctant  guide.  Young readers will also enjoy Boo, especially considering that he is a magical pigeon.  Author Roshani Chokshi does a good job of introducing the myriad of Indian gods to readers.  She gives enough information to follow the story line, but also alludes to a much more detailed story behind each one.

I feel that this novel will appeal most to the younger middle school reader.  Would also work well as a classroom read aloud to accompany a cultural study of India.


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