Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Stitch'n Time : How to Know when you've Found the Right Project

How do you know when you've hit on the right project for your self.  Some projects seem to drag on for ever and you find your self willing to do anything else, even house cleaning instead of working on 'the project'.  Other times, you will let the rest of the world pass by while you stitch away,  This dotty blanket is of the second type  I am so excited about watching it grow that I am easily able to ignore even a rumbly tummy to knit another block.

This photo shows how to start and inner block.  All the stitches are picked up from the previous blocks.

Most patterns will tell you to finish the first row across, one block of each colour/pattern, then start the second row.  Visually, it seems to take so very long to finish a row.  I decided I would stitch the diagonal rows instead.  Two more green blocks and then I'll start on the light blue squares.  These squares go very quickly as they are only about 5 inches a side.

I was watching Netflix while stitching and accidentally binged on a show.  oops.  I don't do that as a rule, but I was getting carried away one morning.  I guess that will just skew my statistics a wee bit.  oh wait, that's a good thing.

As I knit, I have been working in as many ends as possible.  I am thinking that with the little dots, it will be hand to pull the end threw on a needle.  I can't recall having worked with such a bumpy yarn before.  It is fun though.

The weather here has been hot. Too hot to comfortable sit outside or do anything in the yard.  I have cranked on the AC and have been lurking inside, sometimes reading and others stitching.  I hope that the weather in your area is behaving and no unseasonal storms.  If you have been managing to stitch, Mister Linky is waiting below.  I'd also love to see any afghans/blankets that you stitched and loved, so add previous links to those posts.

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