Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Stitch'n Time - a slight diversion

 I know that my track record doesn't speak for its self, but I have been trying to get my needlework posts ready before noon.  Often my problem is that I enjoy sleeping late; I get my best sleep at that time.  Today I actually have a pretty good reason for being so very late.

His name is Randy.  It was an epic road trip of about 15 hours to pick him up.  My youngest wanted a dog for company when studying for their Masters.

He is a standard poodle and is gorgeous.

For those of you who did stitching this week instead of making puppy plans (he's 5 months old), Mister Linky is waiting below:


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Kate said...

Randy, you are a handsome fellow. I am sure you will make a fine, fluffy companion.