Saturday, 3 November 2018

A Blade so Black by L. L. Mckinney

This story imagines the possible ripple effects of Alice's long ago trip(s) to Wonderland.

Modern day Alice is distraught by the sudden death of her beloved father.  She flees from the hospital and soon finds herself lost and in a dark foreboding alley.  When a terrifying dog/beast attacks her, she is saved by a mysterious person.  Addison Hatta is surprised to find that Alice can see him.  Thus begins a strange and fantastical tale.

I didn't really enjoy much of  this book.  It seemed as though it was written by two different authors.  For the first 2/3 the author tried too hard to push the Wonderland theme and the writing style suffered.  The next third, where the Wonderland theme was left to take care of itself, the plot took centre stage and drove the story really well.  While a few story lines were drawn closed, the author left me hanging on more, making me wish for the next book in this new series.

A good showing for a debut author, it will be curious and curiouser to see where the next rabbit's hole takes her.

I received an advanced reader copy of this book from Indigo Books & Music Inc., in exchange for an honest review.


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