Friday, 16 November 2018

All Those Explosions were Someone Else's Fault by James Alan Gardner

A romp through my old stomping grounds.  Okay, maybe a parallel romp since there doesn't seem to be magic in my world, but there is the University of Waterloo and it's neighbourhoods.  Author James Alan Gardner has set his book in an area he knows well, though he's tweaked it a bit and added some rather cool stuff.

Kim, her three roommates and one boyfriend are at the University of Waterloo (UW) on a stealth mission.  When Kim spies six darklings entering a lab, her curiosity is aroused. Shortly afterwards an explosion ripples through campus and the four women go to investigate.  They enter the devastated lab and become encircled/invaded by something that effects changes in themselves.  They are transformed to sparks, essentially the good or light ones who counter the darklings.  Did I mention the campus police?

This sets the four off on a series of adventures while they seek to understand what has happened to them.

There is so much wonderful stuff that happens in this book that I can't even begin to explain. I can tell you that this was a lot of fun to read and experience.  It was discussed at my book club, and we all enjoyed it and most of us plan to read the next instalment.  We couldn't put any labels on this book as it's most unique in plot. Yes, there is dark and light but there is a lot of fuzzy as well.  Suspend disbelief and just go with the story line and enjoy.

I loved that this book is set in a location that I am very familiar with.  I attended UW some years ago and it was great to re-visit sites that I have a variety of memories of.


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Felicity Grace Terry said...

As its not very often my book club agree on a book I'm always intrigued by books that are liked by all the members of any book club. Definitely one I'll keep a look out for on these grounds alone, thanks for your review.