Thursday, 1 November 2018

Between a Highlander and a Hard Place by Mary Wine

A brawny highlander in a kilt comes to the rescue of a young woman without considering the consequences. He acted from his heart not his head.  What is he going to do with a woman, obviously a respectable one, out in the Scottish wilds.  Darn himself and his honourable ways. Now he'll have to go out of his way to return her to her family.

I was hooked from that point, or actually, from the point I read he was wearing a kilt.

The young lady is Athena Trapps, an English woman who is trying to escape a nobleman who didn't turn out to be the gentleman she thought he was.  Every move she makes seems to open up a new patch of trouble for her and for her rescuer. Can she take a chance and trust Symon Grant; is he as good a man as he appears to be.

The story is set a time when relations between Scotland and England were tense and neither trusted the other an inch.  In classic romance fashion, love is stronger than bitter distrust.  Kind of swoon worthy for me. Each time author Mary Wine describes Symon as wearing a kilt, or donning his kilt, I'm in love with him again.  Sure it's a whimsy thing, but a man in a kilt......

I loved this book and would gladly read more in this genre from Ms. Wine.

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I received and advance reader copy of this book from Source Books in exchange for honest review.


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